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Component ID Systems

The foundations of any Component Integrity Management System (CIMS) are robust processes and tools to find, identify, and characterise components, and to record their integrity performance and any actions taken on each component.

This foundation is the CIMS ID system that underpins the design, structure, daily operations, remedial response actions, reporting and archiving of a continuing program.

Once established, the ID system also has many other benefits for operational, engineering, reliability and maintenance groups working in a facility. The primary additional benefit is that a clear and unambiguous field location system exists that reduces the risks of inappropriate actions on poorly identified lines equipment.

Establishing a CIMS ID system involves:

  • Review of P&IDs to identify all target component locations with the CIMS
  • In discussion with the client, selection of preferred component ID system
  • Review of any existing component inventories and data import into CIMS as appropriate
  • Traversing all pipework systems to identify components within CIMS scope
  • Attaching unique component IDs (usually a barcoded tag) to all in-scope components
  • Confirm P&IDs reflect 'as built' condition, or note variations as necessary
  • Entry of all ID data into the CIMS database
  • If required, entry of component IDs onto the P&IDs, manually or electronically

CIMS ID systems can be based on ID tags attached to components or be tagless (i.e. no field ID tag). The tagless approach relies on specific purpose isometric drawings being developed so that technicians can locate and monitor components.

Some sites may already have an ID system in place that might be adapted used for Component Integrity Management purposes.

A CIMS ID system also allows turnaround and shut down work to be better managed. It creates an excellent resource for plant operational and maintenance communication purposes and, an information base builds that is not dependent on any individual persons skills or experience.

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