Steam Trap Surveys

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Steam Trap Surveys

Facilities without a periodic program to monitor steam trap performance and respond to failing traps typically have failure rates for 'failed open' steam traps of 15-30% of a facility's steam trap population.

For a facility with 1,000 steam traps this translates to a reduced profitability of at least several hundred thousand £ / $ / € per year in steam loss alone! And this does not take into account other full or partial failure modes - all of which compound losses.

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd's steam trap programs feature aggregated summaries and prioritised maintenance response reports built upon the CIMS extensive component identification, analytical software and database tools.

Detailed certified reports are provided indicating observed condition of each steam trap, test results, and steam/energy loss estimates.

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd steam trap surveys are structured, regular programs monitoring steam trap performance using the latest thermographic and ultrasonic sensing technologies - all failure modes are detected, both partial and complete.

When undertaken in conjunction with an IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd LDAR program, clients can achieve considerable cost savings.

An IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd Steam Trap Survey, conducted at least annually and preferably every six months, followed by a planned maintenance programme, is the sure-fire way to maximise energy efficiency and minimise process downtime.

An IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd Trap Survey involves a detailed inspection of your steam traps that encompasses:

  • Identification of the complete steam trap population and labelling with clear and durable tags
  • Inspection of each steam trap to check that it is the right type for the application
  • Inspection of each steam trap to check that it is correctly installed
  • Ultrasonically testing of all steam traps in operation
  • Provision of a comprehensive and detailed survey report

Each customer survey report details:

  • A complete inventory of your steam trap population together with detailed operating conditions for each trap
  • The total cost of steam losses based on your current operating costs/conditions

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