Component Integrity Management

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Component Integrity Management

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd provides their clients with access to dedicated Component Integrity Management Software. This is a high security, client-specific, web-based system used to capture, report and manage all data which IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd collects and analyses on behalf of clients.

This software automatically schedules survey sequences, follow-up remedial repair work and re-monitoring to ensure response work is done in a timely and cost-effective manner to minimise risks and emissions.

Internal or contractor maintenance response teams can be given selected access to the database to help them schedule remedial repair work for which they are responsible.

Ability to review and access data online allows streamlined QA/QC on data, permitting more cost-effective internal or client audit of data held within the system.

This dedicated Software provides:

  • Bank-level data security
  • 24/7 client password access
  • Web based = no corporate IT hassles
  • Data fully downloadable to client
  • Instant status checking
  • Easier/better maintenance planning
  • Full component performance histories
  • Full and filtered inventories
  • Ready emissions/loss calculations
  • Full component data available

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