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LDAR Service/Program

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd can provide your organisation with a comprehensive LDAR Service/Program. Often driven by corporate or regulatory compliance requirements, LDAR programs provide:

  • a verified 'no-leak' plant, with product losses and fugitive emissions at a minimum
  • gas plant P&IDs checked and verified 'as built'
  • a 'controlled site', whereby all components have a unique ID
  • component database set up and ready for integration into plant maintenance management systems and procedures
  • a fully functional, integrated leak detection and repair system
  • verified quality of component type, quality, and installation by gas plant construction contractors

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd LDAR involves full management and regulatory reporting systems on component maintenance, product loss and emissions database manages program and responses.

Using IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd to assist you in implementing your LDAR Program:

  • Easy online data access to all approved site personnel
  • provides a wide variety of reports
  • gives structure when dealing with thousands of components
  • tracks component performance and repair success rates
  • minimises labour execution in:
    • monitoring
    • reporting (management, maintenance & regulatory)
    • prioritising of follow-up maintenance work
    • meets corporate and regulatory requirements being:
      • transparent and audible
      • demonstrable OH&S due diligence
      • environmental, community and corporate awareness

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