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IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd are the Leading Provider of Thermographic Inspection Services Worldwide.

Thermal Imaging is being employed in an ever increasing number of applications, where the only limit is the limit of the Thermographers intuition and imagination.

We provide Certified Trained Thermographers coupled with Industry Leading Thermal Imaging Equipment and Software.

We have operations in Ireland and the USA from where we service our clients worldwide:

IRT Applications

Infra-red Technology is being rolled out across an ever increasing range of industries and an ever widening scale of Applications.

Whatever your industry or application, we can offer you impartial advice and a first class and prompt service, which will deliver industry leading reports and results no matter where in the world you are located.

Our thermographers have all worked in varied fields of industry and as such, they bring to the table genuine expertise and experience.

We also carry out work in the following field:

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