Quantification Natural Gas Leaks

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Quantification of Natural Gas Leaks

Finding a leaking component is only one part of a leak detection project, but where multiple leaks are detected, there is a requirement to repair these leaks in accordance with their size.

We provide a very accurate and efficient Leak Quantification service which utilises a unique IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd Flow Sampling instrument which is a portable, intrinsically safe, battery powered instrument designed to determine the rate of gas leakage around various pipe fittings, valve packings, and compressor seals found in natural gas sites.

How our system works

We sample the leak stream at a large flow rate (between 5 & 10.5 cfm) so as to completely capture all the gas leaking from the component along with a certain amount of air.

By accurately measuring the flow rate of the sampling stream and the natural gas concentration within that stream, the gas leak rate can be calculated using the following equation.

Leak Rate = Flow Rate (Leak CH4 Level - Background CH4 Level)

Note: The instrument automatically compensates for the different specific gravity values of air and natural gas, thus assuring accurate flow rate calculations.

To ensure that the instrument is capturing all the gas that is escaping, testing is performed at two flow rates. The 1st measurement is taken at the highest possible flow rate, followed by a 2nd measurement at a flow rate that is approximately 75% of the first.


The instrument is packaged inside a backpack, leaving the operators hands free for climbing ladders or descending into manholes. This portability is especially beneficial on sites where considerable climbing is required.

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