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Ladder & Step Ladder Inspection (Competent Person)

This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for the inspection and assessment of the condition of Ladders and Step Ladders in the workplace.

Intended for

  • All persons who may have to inspect and assess the condition of Ladders and Step Ladders in the workplace.
  • Equipment users, Supervisors, Managers, safety Officers and in-house Equipment Inspectors.


Many accidents involving ladders and step ladders in the workplace can be attributed to employees using faulty or sub-standard equipment. Employers who have instigated ladder and step ladder inspection regimes are ensuring that faulty and sub-standard equipment are identified and removed from the workplace and this leads to improved levels of safety in the workplace and improved levels of employee morale especially when employees are aware that all items of faulty equipment will be removed from use.

Practical Experience is provided in the Inspection and Assessment of the condition of Ladders and Step Ladders.

Course Content


  • Legal requirements and guidance
  • Role of the inspector within an organisation
  • Asset Register
  • Inspection Documentation
  • Manufacturing Techniques
  • Initial Inspection
  • Maintenance/Repairs
  • Disposal of Faulty items of equipment

Practical Skills

  • Identification of different types of damage from sample damaged Ladders & Step Ladders
  • Assessment of the scale of any defects
  • Sample inspection of different types of Ladders & Step Ladders

Assessment Method

  • Written Test
  • Practical Inspection of Sample Ladders & Step Ladders

Entry Requirements

  • All Participants should have attended a Ladder & Step Ladder users course within the last twelve months prior to course start date.
  • Participants should have a good understanding of basic engineering principles.

Course Duration

1 Day


On successful completion of this course, candidates will receive a Training Certificate and Photo ID Card.

Training Locations

Training can be provided at the clients' premises or at our state of the art training centre located at Crossreagh, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

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